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John Marr and Other Sailors

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April 2020
Politics, Culture, Philosophy
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Maddow to Trump: You had one job. Coronavirus response needs...Rachel Maddow points out for Donald Trump the failures of the George W. Bush administration in deali [...]

Rachel Maddow 4/3/20Watch the full episode of Friday night's The Rachel Maddow Show. [...]

Rachel Maddow 4/3/20Watch the full episode of Friday night's The Rachel Maddow Show. [...]

Cuomo: Coronavirus crisis 'truly frightening,' 'didn't have to...New York Governor Andrew Cuomo talks with Rachel Maddow about why the problem of the coronavirus is [...]

Governor Cuomo: 'No state is equipped to handle this situation'New York Governor Andrew Cuomo talks with Rachel Maddow about why the Trump administration's po [...]

Cuomo: There's more good will and American spirit than we're...New York Governor Andrew Cuomo talks with Rachel Maddow about why states will need a national strate [...]

Rachel Maddow 4/2/20Watch the full episode of Thursday night's The Rachel Maddow Show. [...]

Rachel Maddow 4/2/20Watch the full episode of Thursday night's The Rachel Maddow Show. [...]

NY plea for help also a chance for health workers to build...Dr. Craig Spencer, an emergency room doctor in New York City, explains that health care workers who [...]

Javits, HSNS Comfort slow to take on patients from beleaguered...Rachel Maddow reports that according to a source familiar with the matter, as of Wednesday night the [...]

Trump’s son-in-law has no business running the coronavirus response. By Michelle Goldberg Read at Ne [...]

We can’t change the world but all Americans can agree on this: Let’s unite to destroy, then oblitera [...]

By Michael Gerson March 30, 2020 Read at Washington Post After learning of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s decis [...]

After years of an unstable, magical-thinking maniac in the presidency, how do we make our way back i [...]

ICYMI, Here I am talking with the great Joy Reid of AM Joy on MSNBC about Donald Trump’s miserable r [...]

Even as most of the world clamps down further on the movement of people, Trump remains focused on re [...]

By Sarah Jones Read at NY Mag The economy must be a hungry god. Dan Patrick, the lieutenant governor [...]

Here Come Republican “Pro-Life” Death Panels. Obamacare didn’t lead to health care rationing but Tru [...]

Why are we OK with old people dying? By Louise Aronson Dr. Aronson is a professor of medicine at the [...]

Even in war, America has kept up its democratic traditions. We can’t stop now. By Jon Meacham Mr. Me [...]

After having been unjustly convicted of the bogus charges brought against him in that most infamous [...]

The Philosophy of Christopher NolanEver since I first watched Memento and its fascinating exploration of the philosophical question of [...]

Voltaire - CandideThe philosophical problem of evil—the question of how the existence of unnecessary suffering is poss [...]

Arrow - A Celebration of LoveLife is hard enough as it is. Existence, in many ways, is suffering. Obviously, some have it much wo [...]

If 'Despacito' Were Written by an Evo-Devo BiologistIf you are a geek, you are likely to get excited over things others might find boring, laughable, la [...]

James Baldwin Debates William F. BuckleyJames Baldwin, the great essayist, poet, civil rights activist, writer and orator, would have turned [...]

Genius of the Ancient World - SocratesFew figures have been more important and influential in the history of civilization than the ancient [...]

The PresocraticsAnyone who's ever contemplated Raphael's celebrated painting The School of Athens knows th [...]

President Obama's Farewell AddressAs his presidency sadly comes to an end, President Obama delivered last night what is sure to become [...]

John Berger - Ways of SeeingArt critic John Berger's recent death has left a huge void in the world of art appreciation. Wh [...]

Right Living, Thinking, Etc
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Now more than ever, says Buddhist teacher Pamela Weiss, we need to do away with patriarchal values a [...]

Kamilah Majied shares her advice for staying afloat when you feel like you're drowning. The pos [...]

Sara Davidson remembers the American spiritual icon Ram Dass in the May 2020 issue of Lion's Ro [...]

In the opening editorial of the May 2020 issue of Lion's Roar, Melvin McLeod looks at Buddhism’ [...]

To free ourselves from habitual patterns, says Valerie Mason-John, we need to see how they have beco [...]

Buddhist thinker and environmental activist Joanna Macy on the global awakening the planet needs. At [...]

The May 2020 issue of Lion's Roar magazine features Buddhist wisdom and meditations on freeing [...]

Times of chaos and challenge can be the most spiritually powerful... if we are brave enough to rest [...]

Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield on what we can do in this confusing, tough time. The post The Bodhis [...]

A new organization-fueled effort seeks to bring Buddhists together for a relief project "in an [...]

(Natural News) By now, you might be coming around to the truth about the global depopulation agenda [...]

(Natural News) Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, and each day brings America closer to the [...]

(Natural News) We’re all getting a little tired of hearing about coronavirus, but a new statistic un [...]

(Natural News) The Chinese government may not be able to walk and chew gun at the same time, but the [...]

(Natural News) New York City had its deadliest day yet from the coronavirus, as it reported 305 new [...]

(Natural News) In several cities all over China, worried citizens have cleared out rice and cooking [...]

(Natural News) Concerned that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic might be a deep state cover [...]

(Natural News) There are plenty of good reasons to carry a concealed firearm. Having a firearm on yo [...]

(Natural News) Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy are some of the hardest-hit by the coron [...]

(Natural News) When you’re expecting a baby, your habits can have a big influence on your child’s he [...]

Science News
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  • Sky and Telescope

Sometimes it’s easy being an astronomer. When your celestial target is something simple and bright, [...]

SpaceX suffered another setback with its development of the Starship last night when a third prototy [...]

The pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus is creating all kinds of chaos for human society. But f [...]

The development of the Starship – SpaceX’s super-heavy launch system that will take cargo and crews [...]

This week’s Carnival of Space is hosted by Brian Wang at his Next Big Future blog. Click here to rea [...]

A year ago, the high-altitude launch company Stratolaunch flew the world’s largest aircraft. Now, St [...]

NASA’s researchers at the Goddard Space Flight Center recently did just that, looking at Voyager 2’s [...]

Using LRO data, the ESA recently created a map of water ice on the Moon, which will aid in future ex [...]

A hospitable star that doesn’t kill you with deadly flares. A rocky planet with liquid water and an [...]

A study by Cornell's Carl Sagan Institute provides models of how Earth looked like over time, w [...]

Flash of insight opens new paths for Luke Santi Award winnerThursday Mar 26, 2020Mackenzie Pereira, [...]

PI-NRC partnership to fuel made-in-Canada breakthroughsTuesday Mar 03, 2020A new collaboration betwe [...]

Introducing three new associate faculty at Perimeter InstituteFriday Feb 21, 2020Researchers in quan [...]

Perimeter research recognized again by Buchalter Cosmology PrizeMonday Jan 06, 2020Perimeter Associa [...]

2019: Perimeter’s Scientific Year in ReviewThursday Dec 19, 2019Perimeter reflects on a year of bold [...]

Perimeter researcher wins prestigious AMS prizeFriday Nov 15, 2019Kevin Costello lauded for his effo [...]

Giacomo Torlai receives APS prize for outstanding thesisWednesday Nov 06, 2019A Perimeter PhD gradua [...]

Krembil Foundation elevates its commitment to Canadian-based breakthroughsTuesday Nov 05, 2019The Ca [...]

Perimeter postdoc wins prestigious €1-million research grantThursday Oct 17, 2019Sebastian Steinhaus [...]

Perimeter congratulates Canadian cosmologist James Peebles on Nobel Prize in PhysicsTuesday Oct 08, [...]

A new study led by paleoanthropologists reveals that Lucy's species Australopithecus afarensis [...]

Scientists share details of the most ancient fossil of Homo erectus known and discuss how these new [...]

An international team has found a trial drug that effectively blocks the cellular door SARS-CoV-2 us [...]

Scientists have announced a potential vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus causing the CO [...]

Researchers have found evidence of rainforests near the South Pole 90 million years ago, suggesting [...]

Genetic information from an 800,000-year-old human fossil has been retrieved for the first time. The [...]

Astronomers have found the best evidence for the perpetrator of a cosmic homicide: a black hole of a [...]

A new brain-imaging study has studied the brain activity of jazz guitarists during improvisation to [...]

Chemists have created a hybrid system of bacteria and nanowires that captures energy from sunlight a [...]

Nuclear physicists conducted a physics experiment that utilizes novel techniques to study the nature [...]

Sky & Telescope, in partnership with Great American Eclipse, presents the first-ever solar eclip [...]

NASA has selected a unique new mission to study the Sun, targeting a 2023 launch date. The post Sunr [...]

Venus shines in the edge of the Pleiades, as shown above. How soon before the end of twilight can yo [...]

As is customary on the first day of April, scientists posted research that breaks out of the box pee [...]

A type of landscape on Mercury known as “chaotic terrain” might have released materials stored under [...]

This month's Sky Tour astronomy podcast highlights how Venus flirts with the Pleiades star clus [...]

If it’s clear this Friday evening, April 3rd, you’ll be treated to the sight of Venus and the Pleiad [...]

You can renew your own cosmic connection on Friday night, April 3rd. That's when the planet Ven [...]

Large observatories will require precise timing info to measure as many exoplanet atmospheres as pos [...]

Several star parties have been canceled or rescheduled due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19. In man [...]