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November 2019
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Politics, Culture, Philosophy
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Thursday's Mini-Report, 11.21.19Today's edition of quick hits. [...]

Impeachment witness to GOP: stop echoing Russian propagandaDr. Fiona Hill wants Republicans to stop echoing "a fictional narrative that is being perpetrat [...]

Trump intervenes against US Navy leadership (again)As one observer explained, "One problem here is that Trump doesn't seem to grasp that the [...]

Thursday's Campaign Round-Up, 11.21.19Today's installment of campaign-related news items from across the country. [...]

Investigations leave Rudy Giuliani in the hot seatFive weeks ago, Giuliani declared, "At this time, I do not need a lawyer." From his perspe [...]

Trump's guiding principle: 'You just tell them and they believe you'Why would Trump "scramble to contain the damage" from the impeachment proceedings when it [...]

Trump points to purported evidence, which is actually 'meaningless'For the president to see Sondland's testimony as exonerating is demonstrably ridiculous, even b [...]

Pence, Pompeo in the spotlight after impeachment hearing testimony"Everyone was in the loop," Ambassador Gordon Sondland testified. "Everyone" app [...]

Impeachment testimony knocks down another key GOP talking pointJim Jordan said this week, "The Ukrainians didn't know that their aid was held at the time [...]

Reid: Black or brown people acutely feel the danger of Donald...MSNBC's Joy Reid talks about why voters of color are factoring in different considerations as t [...]

Attorney General and Trump Personal Attorney William Barr recently made a speech at Notre Dame. Thes [...]

Sorry to be rude but this is just nuts: “As a Christian, I believe that Satan is behind this. He is [...]

via Southern Poverty Law Center November 12, 2019by Michael Edison HaydenRead at SPLC In the run-up [...]

Shocked evangelicals didn’t object to children in cages and forcibly separated from parents by ICE? [...]

After years of End of Days obsessed Evangelicals propping up lunatic in the presidency, how do we ma [...]

Evangelical Madness is Driving US Policy -Trump was sent by Russia to Help Russia Destroy Israel, Sa [...]

by Carlo Invernizzi-Accetti Read at The Guardian The US attorney general William Barr’s speech at th [...]

If President Trump doesn’t demonstrate the leadership that America needs, then it is time for a new [...]

Attorney General and Trump Personal Attorney William Barr recently made a speech at Notre Dame. This [...]

via Strange Days with Fernand Amandi I recently had a chat with Fernand Amandi for what he described [...]

After having been unjustly convicted of the bogus charges brought against him in that most infamous [...]

The Philosophy of Christopher NolanEver since I first watched Memento and its fascinating exploration of the philosophical question of [...]

Voltaire - CandideThe philosophical problem of evil—the question of how the existence of unnecessary suffering is poss [...]

Arrow - A Celebration of LoveLife is hard enough as it is. Existence, in many ways, is suffering. Obviously, some have it much wo [...]

If 'Despacito' Were Written by an Evo-Devo BiologistIf you are a geek, you are likely to get excited over things others might find boring, laughable, la [...]

James Baldwin Debates William F. BuckleyJames Baldwin, the great essayist, poet, civil rights activist, writer and orator, would have turned [...]

Genius of the Ancient World - SocratesFew figures have been more important and influential in the history of civilization than the ancient [...]

The PresocraticsAnyone who's ever contemplated Raphael's celebrated painting The School of Athens knows th [...]

President Obama's Farewell AddressAs his presidency sadly comes to an end, President Obama delivered last night what is sure to become [...]

John Berger - Ways of SeeingArt critic John Berger's recent death has left a huge void in the world of art appreciation. Wh [...]

Right Living, Thinking, Etc
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None of us is free until all of us are free. In America, says rev. angel Kyodo williams, that means [...]

In the fourth issue in our 40th anniversary series, Melvin McLeod looks at the interface of activism [...]

When we sit in meditation, we awaken to oneness. Then we take compassionate action. That’s what driv [...]

"Spring and Autumn Annals" is the vibrant story of a decade-long friendship, interspersed [...]

The Buddhist teachings on the jhana states contain a secret about where positive emotions really com [...]

Some meditators have suggested that it's too late to save the planet, so we should focus on our [...]

Buddhist training falls into three categories: sila (discipline or ethical living, samadhi (concentr [...]

The brahmaviharas are four prized emotions or mindstates that give us a framework to cultivate posit [...]

Buddhism is full of lists and numbers. Find explanations of some of the most important of these, how [...]

Buddhist teacher Konda Mason shares her experience at The Gathering II, an assembly of Buddhist teac [...]

(Natural News) Work can take up a lot of your time and energy. If you need a quick boost, it’s tempt [...]

(Natural News) Many people go for a jog or walk early in the morning, but research suggests that it [...]

(Natural News) A diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes doesn’t mean the end of the world. Patients may manage [...]

(Natural News) If you use Google, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, you are not living in the real world [...]

(Natural News) Washington state is on the verge of legalizing the “composting” of human remains, whi [...]

(Natural News) They can deny its existence all day long, but mainstream media pundits aren’t fooling [...]

(Natural News) While most of us are aware of the dangers posed by pollution, we may not be aware tha [...]

(Natural News) College campuses in the 1960s were incubators of free speech, as Leftists used them t [...]

Science News
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An entomologist at the University of Ohio thinks he’s done what thousands and thousands of other sci [...]

NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover is heading to Mars soon to look for fossils. The ESA/Roscosmos ExoMars rover [...]

Get ready: The queries are inbound. “Did you see those two bright things in the sky last night?” Say [...]

Hosts: Fraser Cain ( / @fcain) Dr. Morgan Rehnberg ( / @MorganReh [...]

The ESA has begun conducting experiments as part of their Analog project, which will allow human ope [...]

What’s been long-suspected has now been confirmed: Jupiter’s moon Europa has water. As we’ve learned [...]

Thanks to an amateur tracker, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera team found the lunar impact si [...]

This week’s Carnival of Space is hosted by Brian Wang at his Next Big Future blog. Click here to rea [...]

A team of astronomers estimates that the LSST (which will be operational in 2020) will allow us to l [...]

There’s a disturbing lack of hibernation in our space-faring plans. In movies and books, astronauts [...]

Perimeter researcher wins prestigious AMS prizeFriday Nov 15, 2019Kevin Costello lauded for his effo [...]

Giacomo Torlai receives APS prize for outstanding thesisWednesday Nov 06, 2019A Perimeter PhD gradua [...]

Krembil Foundation elevates its commitment to Canadian-based breakthroughsTuesday Nov 05, 2019The Ca [...]

Perimeter postdoc wins prestigious €1-million research grantThursday Oct 17, 2019Sebastian Steinhaus [...]

Perimeter congratulates Canadian cosmologist James Peebles on Nobel Prize in PhysicsTuesday Oct 08, [...]

Perimeter researchers win Breakthrough and New Horizons PrizesThursday Sep 05, 2019Perimeter researc [...]

Inaugural program invites undergrads to experience life as researchersWednesday Sep 04, 2019This sum [...]

ISSYP demonstrates power of collaboration in physicsThursday Aug 15, 2019At Perimeter’s Internationa [...]

New grads, alumni, and instructors celebrate 10 years of Perimeter Scholars InternationalFriday Jun [...]

Perimeter mourns the passing of a brilliant rising star in cosmologyFriday Jun 14, 2019Chiamaka Okol [...]

With unexpected findings about a protein that's highly expressed in fat tissue, scientists have [...]

Wrinkles on the skin of a microscopic worm might provide the key to a longer, healthier life for hum [...]

Researchers have observed a gamma-ray burst with an afterglow that featured the highest energy photo [...]

In learning new tasks, neuron networks in the brain of mice become more refined and selective. Chart [...]

The perceived scale of the Amazon blazes received global attention this summer. However, internation [...]

Scientists have uncovered a possible explanation for the mental sluggishness that often accompanies [...]

A high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet like the Keto regimen has its fans, but influenza apparently isn [...]

Scientists with NASA's Mars 2020 rover have discovered what may be one of the best places to lo [...]

In ancient Egypt, sacred ibises were collected from their natural habitats to be ritually sacrificed [...]

Scientists have solved the structure of one of the key components of photosynthesis, a discovery tha [...]

S&T Associate Editor Sean Walker gives a rundown of last week's astro-imaging conference. T [...]

Mike Reynolds, passionate astronomy educator and former executive director of the Association of Lun [...]

The post M8 Lagoon Nebula just after sunset appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]

Altair, centerpiece of Aqulia, the Eagle, is the twelfth-brightest star in the night sky and one of [...]

The post Helping our youngest viewer see the Transit! appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]

The post Mercury Through Thin Clouds appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]

The post 2019 Mercury Transit Across The Sun from Texas appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]

The post Mercury transit as viewed from Raleigh NC appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]

The post Mercury Transit In Ouzouer sur Loire, center France appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]

Working with data from NASA’s Cassini mission, scientists have produced the first global map of Tita [...]