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Ruth Hannah Sandberg: 1927-2005

Ruth Sandberg
1927 – 2005

Ruth Sandberg passed away just after Christmas, December 28, 2005. This online memorial with a link to a picture gallery and a Favorite Hymns jukebox celebrates her life as a wonderful mother, wife, sister, grandmother, aunt, and dedicated professional. She was a virtuoso musician, worked full-time all her life as a talented corporate, legal secretary, raised two boys, helped Dad when he was a pastor in the late 50′s, and was loved by many many of her friends and colleagues.

Ruth was a virtuoso on the euphonium (more commonly known as a baritone) playing for years with the Chicago Salvation Army band and winning many awards. She sang beautiful alto parts in church choirs and joined Dad in singing harmony to his bass in duets sung just before he would preach his sermons. She also loved listening to recordings of classical guitarist Andres Segovia and reminisced often about the time she went to hear him perform at Chicago’s Orchestra Hall.

Music and Picture Albums

Below is a jukebox with Ruth’s favorite hymns. It is fitting that Mom’s favorite music find it’s way into a “jukebox;” one of her first important full-time jobs in the 1950′s was working in the engineering department of the Seeburg juke box company. Just google Seeburg and you find what I am sure many of you will recognize as the Seeburg jukeboxes you played in restaurants while waiting to be served. While you are listening to the music, you can also browse in her photo galleries, from her early years growing up and living in Chicago to the many years she enjoyed working and living in Southern California.

Here is a jukebox loaded with some of Ruth’s Favorite Hymns

Contribute Your Pictures and Memories

We want to include as many pictures and written memories from friends and family as possible. So if you have any pictures, thoughts, or memories you would like to see in this memorial, you can send them as attached files to rasandberg AT

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