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November 2015
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Tamar Gendler - An Introduction to Political PhilosophyThe conceptual structure and theoretical underpinnings of the modern world, for better and worse, ha [...]

Simone de Beauvoir & Judith Butler on GenderThough Plato's thoughts on gender equality—at least as expressed in The Republic—were somewhat [...]

Roger Scruton - Why Beauty MattersBeauty has been a central and enduring concept in the philosophy of art and aesthetics since its inc [...]

Jonathan Haidt - The Moral Roots of Liberals and ConservativesIf you've kept up at all with the various cultural wars in this country, you're painfully [...]

Nicholas Christakis - The Sociological Science Behind Social Networks and Social InfluenceMany attempts to explain human behavior tend to adopt some version or other of methodological indivi [...]

Magical balls? Nope. It's the Magnus Effect.When you think of gravity, your first thought is probably just 'down,' but then you might [...]

Agnes Török - WorthlessIf you've ever watched "The Usual Suspects," you probably remember the line that [...]

Key & Peele - Feminist Pirate ChanteyThey may have a reputation for looting and pillaging, for murder and mutiny, and countless other cri [...]

Frederick Douglass - The Meaning of the Fourth of July for the NegroIn 1852 Frederick Douglass delivered one of his most moving speeches, reflecting on the meaning that [...]

David Eagleman - Can We Create New Senses for Humans?It's been a source of questions, awe and insight among philosophers for a long time to consider [...]

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(NaturalNews) Federal regulators recently made the unprecedented decision to unleash the world' [...]

(NaturalNews) In recent days, Natural News readers have learned that the world's biggest online [...]

(NaturalNews) Chemotherapy is a poison that is responsible for many alleged cancer deaths, claims th [...]

(NaturalNews) American gun owners can spot a gun-grabber a mile away, and they have known for severa [...]

(NaturalNews) In the 1930s, American science and health professionals figured out that smoking cause [...]

(NaturalNews) Those who sailed aboard the Titanic on its maiden voyage were led to believe that beca [...]

(NaturalNews) The Obama administration is pushing for more and more Syrian refugees to be admitted t [...]

(NaturalNews) Vermont was not one of the 13 original British colonies that would go on to become the [...]

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After years of construction, the first of 18 primary flight mirrors has been installed onto NASA’s J [...]

We’ve featured the photography of André van der Hoeven here many times, and all of his photos are wo [...]

Author’s note: In the wake of the November 13th terrorist attacks, the French Space Agency CNES canc [...]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: when the new Year In Space Wall Calendars become available [...]

The story of KIC 8462852 appears far from over. You’ll recall NASA’s Kepler mission had monitored th [...]

NASA took another big step on the path to propel our astronauts back to deep space and ultimately on [...]

This week’s Carnival of Space is hosted by Joe Latrell at his Photos To Space blog. Click here to re [...]

Commercial space company Blue Origin achieved a huge milestone by successfully launching their New S [...]

All fundamental particles are either fermions or bosons. Last week we talked about quarks, which are [...]

Amateur astronomer Chris Schur of Arizona had only five minutes to observe and photograph Comet Cata [...]

Edwin Hubble: The Man Who Expanded Our UniverseWednesday Nov 18, 2015 Edwin Hubble was a man of grea [...]

The Promise, and Pitfalls, of Virtual RealityMonday Nov 16, 2015 Perimeter talks with virtual realit [...]

On the Path: Luke Santi Award Winner Carries a Legacy ForwardFriday Nov 06, 2015 Sean Begy, a first- [...]

Ontario Boosts Perimeter Educational OutreachTuesday Nov 03, 2015 Ontario’s Ministry of Education an [...]

Students explore the universe with Physica Phantastica Friday Oct 30, 2015 New elementary school out [...]

Perimeter Institute Mourns the Passing of Leo Kadanoff Tuesday Oct 27, 2015 Physics has lost a true [...]

Watch this chalkboard come to lifeMonday Oct 19, 2015 Chalkboards are everywhere at Perimeter Instit [...]

Keep calm and carry on researchingThursday Oct 15, 2015 Emmy Noether Fellow Sarah Shandera finds the [...]

Arthur B. McDonald Wins Nobel Prize in PhysicsTuesday Oct 06, 2015 Perimeter Institute congratulates [...]

Perimeter Institute Supports Governor General’s Innovation AwardsMonday Oct 05, 2015 Perimeter Insti [...]

2015 likely to be warmest on record, 2011-2015 warmest five year periodThe global average surface temperature in 2015 is likely to be the warmest on record and to reach th [...]

'Material universe' yields surprising new particleAn international team of researchers has predicted the existence of a new type of particle called th [...]

Similar proteins protect the skin of humans, turtlesGenes for important skin proteins arose in a common ancestor shared by humans and turtles 310 millio [...]

New 'self-healing' gel makes electronics more flexibleResearchers have developed a first-of-its-kind self-healing gel that repairs and connects electronic [...]

Comet fragments best explanation of mysterious dimming starAstronomers have responded to the buzz about a mysterious dimming star by studying data from NASA [...]

Global growth in carbon dioxide emissions stagnatesAfter a decade of rapid growth in global carbon dioxide emissions, which increased at an average ann [...]

Aging star's weight loss secret revealedA team of astronomers has captured the most detailed images ever of the hypergiant star VY Canis Maj [...]

Volcanic rocks hold clues to Earth's interiorEarth's deep interior transport system explains volcanic island lava complexities, report scien [...]

Mars once had a moderately dense atmosphereScientists suggest that 3.8 billion years ago, Mars might have had only a moderately dense atmospher [...]

A new green power sourceTo limit climate change, experts say that we need to reach carbon neutrality by the end of this cent [...]

Astronomers have taken a careful census of the smallest stars in our galaxy’s center. The post Star- [...]

Is perception reality? Not when it comes to the Moon illusion. See the truth with your own eyes at t [...]

The post One Year of ISS Imaging appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]

The post the road goes to heaven appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]

The post Andromeda Galaxy M 31 appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]

The post A late November waxing Moon appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]

Astronomers have spotted what appears to be a regular signal coming from the blazar PG 1553+113. The [...]

NAME Mattatuck Astronomical Society ADDRESS 21 Rek Lane Prospect Connecticut 06712 USA CONTACT Jim B [...]

This piggyback bracket allows you to quickly reconfigure your telescope with secondary cameras, guid [...]

Here's a quick guide to the essential features that you should look for when buying your first [...]