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October 2014
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Culture, Philosophy, Humor

Steven Pinker - Linguistics as a Window to Understand the BrainOne of the things I first enjoyed when I was introduced to philosophy was its recursive nature: we c [...]

In ancient Greece, when visitors went to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the very first thing they e [...]

Beyond Freakonomics: Musings on the Economics of Everyday LifeFor most of its history, economics has been an esoteric discipline concerned with abstract concepts [...]

Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies!With unprecedented access to the vast accumulation of knowledge of the world at our fingertips, it i [...]

Pawel Kuczynski's Thought-Provoking IllustrationsAs you've seen in this fascinating lecture by Slavoj Žižek, the logic of the reigning corporati [...]

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Word CrimesYou may remember that about a year ago Robin Thicke's song "Blurred Lines" created a [...]

Slavoj Žižek - On IdeologyOne of the more interesting lessons Hegel's dialectical method has contributed to our understan [...]

Sean Carroll vs William Lane Craig - God and CosmologyDoes the universe need an explanation for its existence, or can it be understood as a self-containin [...]

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on the Media's Bullshit Coverage of Malaysian Flight 370The recent, and now tragic, disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370, somehow turned into a journalisti [...]

Edward Snowden - Here's How We Take Back the InternetWhatever our feelings about Edward Snowden as a person are, and what his actions say about him (hero [...]

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Photo by David Shankbone.In his Shambhala Sun profile of Joan Didion – the great American novelist – [...]

In this video, life coach and blogger JP Sears gives some tips on how to be ultra spiritual, includi [...]

Earlier this month, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Theravada teacher and accomplished Buddhist translator, gave a ta [...]

You could easily miss this scene if you were looking for something 'photogenic.' However, [...]

For Christmas a few years ago, my partner, Teja, gave me a round yoga mat about six feet in diameter [...]

Named for the fearless proclamation of the buddhadharma, Lion's Roar offers news, commentary an [...]

Wisdom Publications, the not-for-profit, ecumenical publisher of Buddhist books, has hired a new dir [...]

We posted recently about a Japanese temple that is using “cute-sexy” anime depictions of deities to [...]

Ashoka Mukpo is cured of Ebola. Yesterday evening, he posted on Twitter, "Just got my results. [...]

Who is the Dalai Lama? The Dalai Lama Foundation wants to answer that question simply and definitely [...]

(NaturalNews) New York Governor Cuomo began yesterday's Ebola press conference by gently waving [...]

(NaturalNews) Ebola is now confirmed in New York City. I've just finished watching the press co [...]

(NaturalNews) Hyped-up Ebola fears have descended into the Western World, splattered all over the me [...]

(NaturalNews) Ebola has already arrived in the U.S., but the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Pr [...]

(NaturalNews) Ron Klain, before he became President Obama's latest czar (Klain is the "Ebo [...]

(NaturalNews) The first step in eliminating an overgrowth of candida is to stop feeding it. Sugar is [...]

(NaturalNews) A new deal between the Chicago Public School (CPS) system and a private custodial and [...]

(NaturalNews) Prominent Vietnamese scientists have publicly stated that genetically modified (GM) co [...]

(NaturalNews) Some people curse technology, saying that it takes up too much of their time or that i [...]

(NaturalNews) Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas says it is "deeply sorry" for h [...]

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Concluding a busy five week mission, the SpaceX Dragon CRS-4 commercial cargo ship departed the Inte [...]

I ran into this intriguing infographic over on Reddit that claimed that you could fit all the planet [...]

Just a little over two years since Felix Baumgartner broke USAF Colonel Joseph Kittinger’s stratosph [...]

One doesn’t take two cubesats and rub them together to make static electricity. Rather, you send the [...]

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Guests: Ramin Skibba (@raminskibba) (...)Read the rest of Weekly Space Ha [...]

These days we see photos of our planet taken from space literally every day. Astronauts living aboar [...]

As Comet Siding Spring passed close by Mars on Sunday (Oct. 19), NASA’s newest Mars spacecraft took [...]

While you can’t smell in space — there is no medium to carry the molecules, the same reason you can’ [...]

Standing on the ground, we’re used to seeing the bolts and flashes of lightning during epic thunders [...]

China launched a robotic mission to the Moon today (Oct. 23 EDT/Oct. 24 BJT) that will test a slew o [...]

The Last Gasp of a Black HoleFriday Oct 17, 2014 New research from Perimeter shows that two of the s [...]

Teachers Who Inspired Great ScientistsThursday Oct 02, 2014 A great teacher can change the world. [...]

Are Weak Values Quantum? Don't Bet On ItTuesday Sep 23, 2014 New work asserts that a key techni [...]

New Results Cloud Earlier Gravitational Wave ClaimsTuesday Sep 23, 2014 New measurements of galactic [...]

From Faraday to Present DayThursday Sep 18, 2014 How a curious 19th century mind shaped our world.  [...]

New Perimeter Researcher Probes Nature's Building Blocks in Novel WaysTuesday Sep 09, 2014 Raff [...]

Turok Elected to Royal Society of Canada Friday Sep 05, 2014 Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok [...]

ISSYP: A Decade of InspirationFriday Aug 29, 2014 Happy Birthday, ISSYP! Perimeter’s theoretical phy [...]

Schrödinger’s Cat: Wanted Dead and AliveThursday Aug 07, 2014 We present a unique look at the most f [...]

The Black Hole at the Birth of the UniverseWednesday Jul 30, 2014 Our universe may have emerged from [...]

NASA's Fermi satellite finds hints of starquakes in magnetar 'storm'NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope detected a rapid-fire "storm" of high-energy b [...]

Australian doctors transplants first circulatory death human heartThe St Vincent's Hospital Heart Lung Transplant Unit has carried out the world's first dis [...]

Molecular beacons shine light on how cells 'crawl'Chemists have devised a method using DNA-based tension probes to zoom in at the molecular level and [...]

Growing a blood vessel in a weekThe technology for creating new tissues from stem cells has taken a giant leap forward. Three tables [...]

Without swift influx of substantial aid, Ebola epidemic in Africa poised to explodeThe Ebola virus disease epidemic already devastating swaths of West Africa will likely get far worse [...]

3-D map of the adolescent universeUsing extremely faint light from galaxies 10.8-billion light years away, scientists have created one [...]

Florida lizards evolve rapidly, within 15 years and 20 generationsScientists working on islands in Florida have documented the rapid evolution of a native lizard spec [...]

Highest altitude archaeological sites in the world explored in the Peruvian Andes: Survival in extreme environmentsResearch conducted at the highest-altitude Pleistocene archaeological sites yet identified in the wo [...]

Genomic data support early contact between Easter Island and AmericasPeople may have been making their way from Easter Island to the Americas well before Dutch commander [...]

Reminiscing can help boost mental performanceEngaging brain areas linked to so-called 'off-task' mental activities (such as mind-wander [...]

Readers share their experiences of the October 23, 2014 partial solar eclipse.The post Partial Solar [...]

The post An 8 day old moon showing exceptional clarity on an October night. appeared first on Sky [...]

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The post Lunar Eclipse of Oct. 8, 2014 over Baltimore appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]

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The post Total lunar eclipse October 8th 2014 appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]

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