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August 2015
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Nicholas Christakis - The Sociological Science Behind Social Networks and Social InfluenceMany attempts to explain human behavior tend to adopt some version or other of methodological indivi [...]

Magical balls? Nope. It's the Magnus Effect.When you think of gravity, your first thought is probably just 'down,' but then you might [...]

Agnes Török - WorthlessIf you've ever watched "The Usual Suspects," you probably remember the line that [...]

Key & Peele - Feminist Pirate ChanteyThey may have a reputation for looting and pillaging, for murder and mutiny, and countless other cri [...]

Frederick Douglass - The Meaning of the Fourth of July for the NegroIn 1852 Frederick Douglass delivered one of his most moving speeches, reflecting on the meaning that [...]

David Eagleman - Can We Create New Senses for Humans?It's been a source of questions, awe and insight among philosophers for a long time to consider [...]

Understanding Art - The Death of SocratesWhen I visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, I make it a point to stop by Jacques Louis David [...]

Jim Jefferies on U.S. Gun ControlWhenever a shooting massacre takes place in the US, and we raise the question of whether there ought [...]

Lucretius - De Rerum Natura - On the Nature of LoveEpicurean philosophy is hedonistic, and as such it exalts the importance of pleasure and makes it th [...]

Monica Lewinski - The Price of ShameAlmost overnight, and without almost anyone knowing the person behind the name, her name became an i [...]

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(NaturalNews) A series of shocking new reports reveal that 45,000 acres of California crops are bein [...]

(NaturalNews) High-fructose corn syrup is a sugar that begins as a corn starch and through processin [...]

(NaturalNews) In October 1993, then-President Bill Clinton raised a ruckus nationwide when it was re [...]

(NaturalNews) A British mother says she has basically cured her daughter's night terrors by pla [...]

(NaturalNews) The value of hard work isn't necessarily learned in the classroom; it's lear [...]

(NaturalNews) Most people who live in large urban areas tend to be more liberal in their viewpoints. [...]

(NaturalNews) Of all the vitamins, vitamin C is perhaps the best-known and most familiar to the gene [...]

(NaturalNews) The same folks in North Carolina that tried to sue blogger Steve Cooksey simply for sh [...]

(NaturalNews) A new study has once again proven that the uniquely American principle of less governm [...]

(NaturalNews) Could the influence of others, and the resulting desire to be part of the "in [...]

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With just 12 days before Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko reaches perihelion, we get a look at recent [...]

On the eve of the 3rd anniversary since her nail biting touchdown inside Gale Crater, NASA’s car siz [...]

Resembling what the skin on my arms looks like after giving my cat a bath, the surface of Saturn’s m [...]

Ceres’ topography is revealed in full (but false) color in a new map created from elevation data gat [...]

“Look, it has a tiny face on it!” This sentiment was echoed ‘round the web recently, as an image of [...]

Brace yourselves for Blue Moon madness. The month of July 2015 hosts two Full Moons: One on July 2nd [...]

Until barely two weeks ago, Pluto tantalized humanity for eight decades with mysteries we could only [...]

Spectacular imagery of huge regions of flowing ice, monumental mountain ranges and a breathtakingly [...]

CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, FL – An advanced military communications satellite that will signi [...]

Scientists say NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has discovered Earth’s “older, bigger first cousin” –   [...]

Physics and friendships flourish at science summer campMonday Jul 27, 2015 The International Summer [...]

Hands-on physics fun turns teachers into studentsMonday Jul 13, 2015 EinsteinPlus workshop brings to [...]

The exotic promise of bosonic topological insulatorsTuesday Jul 07, 2015 Perimeter researchers Peng [...]

13 Things from Sci-fi That Became Sci-fact Tuesday Jun 30, 2015 To commemorate some big anniversarie [...]

Celebrating the sixth class of Perimeter Scholars InternationalMonday Jun 29, 2015 Congratulations t [...]

Business Leaders and Philanthropists Invest in Perimeter InstituteThursday Jun 18, 2015 Perimeter ha [...]

Young Faculty Receive Early Researcher AwardsThursday Jun 18, 2015 Three Perimeter researchers have [...]

Converging Streams: Art and ScienceMonday Jun 15, 2015 When streams of thought converge, truth is fo [...]

EHT Initiative at PI boosts black hole huntTuesday Jun 09, 2015 Perimeter Institute is building a te [...]

Inside the Perimeter: Spring/Summer 2015Thursday May 21, 2015 The most dazzling discoveries in scien [...]

How bees naturally vaccinate their babiesWhen it comes to vaccinating their babies, bees don't have a choice -- they naturally immunize [...]

Ebola vaccine efficacy trial suggest vaccine provides high protection against diseaseTests of the experimental Ebola vaccine VSV-ZEBOV in over 7500 participants in Guinea suggest that t [...]

Brain-controlled prosthesis nearly as good as one-finger typingBrain-controlled prostheses sample a few hundred neurons to estimate motor commands that involve mil [...]

Parents inclined to misjudge child happiness based on personal feelingsParents' estimations of their children's happiness differ significantly from the child [...]

California 'rain debt' equal to average full year of precipitationA new study has concluded California accumulated a debt of about 20 inches of precipitation between [...]

Organic molecules on comets: Philae's first results from Churi prove surprisingOrganic molecules never previously observed in comets, a relatively varied structure on the surface [...]

An exceptional planetary system discovered in CassiopeiaAstronomers have teased out a secret planetary system hiding in the arms of Cassiopea, just 21 light [...]

Root radar: How parasitic plants know when to attackResearchers have discovered how parasitic plants evolved the ability to detect and attack their host [...]

The body and the brain: Impact of mental, physical exertion on fatigue developmentDo you ever notice how stress and mental frustration can affect your physical abilities? When you ar [...]

Robotic insect mimics Nature's extreme movesBy analyzing the natural mechanics of the water strider that enable it to launch off water's su [...]

It sounds like science fiction, but it's not: NASA's New Horizons mission explored the Plu [...]

Conditions are ideal for watching this year's Perseid meteor shower. Plan ahead! The post Plan [...]

Astronomers have confirmed the existence of an exoplanet found via microlensing — the first time the [...]

On Earth, wind can transform entire landscapes - turns out the same is true in space. Galaxy NGC 492 [...]

Daily sky events among the ever-changing Moon, planets and stars, from Sky & Telescope magazine. [...]

If you want to do some casual stargazing this month, you'll get great views of Scorpius and Sat [...]

New results from the Dawn orbiter show bright spots, a pyramid-shape mountain, and mysterious haze o [...]

The famous supernova continues to transform: its necklace of hotspots is fading away as the shock wa [...]

The post Cepheus Widefield appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]

The post M-16 from the City appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]