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August 2016
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The Philosophy of Marvel's DaredevilEveryone is familiar with the most obvious tropes of superhero comics: exciting action sequences, sk [...]

How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to TrumpWhen accused of promoting racist beliefs of policies, Republicans usually argue that it was their pa [...]

Simon Blackburn - Plato's RepublicThe term Utopia wasn't invented until 1516, when Thomas More published his now classic renditio [...]

Introduction to Symbolic & Philosophical LogicAlthough almost every activity human beings engage in requires some degree of reasoning, we're [...]

Harry Frankfurt - Bullshit!Bullshit is everywhere. I know it. You know it. And yet, what exactly is bullshit? You might agree w [...]

Must Society Recognize Trans People's Gender Identities?Between the fact that some celebrities have recently come out publicly as members of the transgender [...]

Plato - MenoPlato's Republic is widely recognized as his philosophic and literary masterpiece, but many of [...]

Boswell's Life of Marx: There Will Be Beard!Ever since the publication of his Life of Samuel Johnson, the name Boswell has become synonymous wit [...]

Will Durant - The Philosophy of PlatoThere are many great introductions to the history of philosophy. Some do a fantastic job of explaini [...]

What Is Socialism?Like political correctness, socialism is one of those concepts everyone keeps throwing around, usual [...]

Right Living, Thinking, Etc
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Writer and activist Rebecca Solnit tells the truth about misogyny, injustice, and environmental dest [...]

No self, no form, no goal: Thich Nhat Hanh on the truth we’re distracting ourselves from. The post T [...]

If you want to connect with the open, spacious quality of mind, says Lama Willa Miller, at some poin [...]

Enlightenment is possible in this lifetime but time is running out. We have to make the most of this [...]

The guest season will not reopen this summer at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, due to the ongoing th [...]

After 13 years as a Buddhist nun, Sister Dang Nghiem looks back on her medical career and realizes m [...]

In her widowed father’s pale, hopeful face, Ann Nichols saw that everything her mother had fallen fo [...]

Gelek Rinpoche argues that enlightenment is possible only when female and male energies are both pre [...]

Cheri Maples, a student of Thich Nhat Hanh and former police officer, addresses the current crisis i [...]

We all recognize monkey mind—that wild mind going in more than one direction at a time, swinging fro [...]

(NaturalNews) The official narrative on Zika is a hilarious medical hoax. Millions of people in Braz [...]

(NaturalNews) Someone has come up with a novel way of fighting the Zika virus in and around Miami: T [...]

(NaturalNews) It's a hypothetical scenario, and one that has not taken place – yet – but the po [...]

(NaturalNews) One British man from Wirral, Merseyside, has defied conventional medicine and beaten h [...]

(NaturalNews) A widely used class of pesticides implemented in the U.S. over the last 20 years conti [...]

(NaturalNews) The spiraling cost of prescription medications has become a hot news topic again since [...]

(NaturalNews) Over one year ago, the federal government granted immunity to CDC whistleblower, Dr. W [...]

(NaturalNews) Bayer and Monsanto are facing some tough opposition in their quest to get their merger [...]

(NaturalNews) In Galway, Ireland, one brave young girl named Rebecca recently faced off with a panel [...]

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NASA's Mars Exploration Program has accomplished some truly spectacular things in the past few [...]

NASA’s JUNO spacecraft successfully swooped over the Jovian cloud tops today, Saturday, Aug. 27, gat [...]

A SpaceX commercial Dragon cargo ship returned to Earth today, Friday, Aug. 26, 2016, by splashing d [...]

The International Space Station has provided astronauts and space agencies with immense opportunitie [...]

The Juno spacecraft made history on July 4th, 2016, when it became the second spacecraft in history [...]

Being able to witness a solar eclipse is certainly a distinct experience. Even though the spectacle [...]

The ESO's recent announcement that they have discovered an exoplanet candidate orbiting Proxima [...]

Back in April, Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and famed cosmologist Stephen Hawking unveiled Projec [...]

For years, astronomers have been observing Proxima Centauri, hoping to see if this red dwarf has a p [...]

Tomorrow, August 25, 2016, the US National Park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary, and the NP [...]

Independent Review Lauds Perimeter as “World-Leading” SuccessTuesday Aug 16, 2016 Perimeter Institut [...]

The Physics of the OlympicsWednesday Aug 10, 2016 “Faster, higher, stronger.” The Olympic motto also [...]

Teens encouraged to follow their curiosity at physics summer schoolFriday Jul 29, 2016 Life lessons [...]

Teachers learn to inspire passion for physicsMonday Jul 18, 2016 EinsteinPlus helps teachers bring m [...]

The Ultimate Science Playlist Monday Jul 18, 2016 Please your ears and feed your brain with these br [...]

Sandu Popescu Wins Prestigious Dirac MedalThursday Jul 14, 2016 Perimeter Institute Distinguished Vi [...]

Big Bang – Or Big Bounce?Wednesday Jul 06, 2016 A new model of quantum cosmology shows how this univ [...]

What We Know (And What We Don't) About Dark MatterMonday Jun 27, 2016 Some of the most abundant [...]

Celebrating the seventh class of Perimeter Scholars InternationalMonday Jun 20, 2016 Seventh class c [...]

New Experiment Clarifies How The Universe Is Not ClassicalFriday Jun 17, 2016 Theorists from Perimet [...]

Scientists uncover common cell signaling pathway awry in some types of autismSkin cells derived from autistic donors grew faster than those from control subjects, and activated [...]

3-D-printed structures 'remember' their shapesEngineers are using light to print three-dimensional structures that 'remember' their orig [...]

Hiding in plain sight: Vast reef found hiding behind Great Barrier ReefScientists working with laser data have discovered a vast reef behind the familiar Great Barrier Ree [...]

Scientists discover a ‘dark’ milky wayUsing the world's most powerful telescopes, an international team of astronomers has found a ma [...]

Microplastics discovered in the deep, open oceanA unique study will provide valuable new insights into the concentrations of microplastics in the op [...]

More to rainbows than meets the eyeIn-depth review charts the scientific understanding of rainbows and highlights the many practical ap [...]

X-raying the Earth with waves from stormy weather 'bombs'Using a detection network based in Japan, scientists have uncovered a rare type of deep-earth tremor [...]

A mammoth undertaking: Can de-extinction be ecologically responsible?Can the woolly mammoth be brought back from the dead? Scientists say it's only a matter of time [...]

Memory activation before exposure reduces life-long fear of spidersMany people suffer from anxiety and fears, and a common treatment for these problems is exposure the [...]

New research reveals cancers need a 'perfect storm' of conditions to developScientists have demonstrated for the first time the 'perfect storm' of conditions that cel [...]

Some daily sky events among the ever-changing Moon, planets, stars and constellations, from Sky [...]

El 21 de Agosto del 2017 va a ser la primera vez que los Americanos podrán ver un eclipse total de S [...]

NAME Astronomers Amateur Club of Charlotte ADDRESS 1105 D Technology Dr. Indian Trail, North Carolin [...]

Dust and gas between stars would pose a threat to spacecraft en route from Earth to the Alpha Centau [...]

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