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February 2015
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Animated Fibonacci SculpturesWhen math is expressed aesthetically, and when art is expressed with the precision and rigor of math [...]

Pascal's Wager - Betting on InfinityBlaise Pascal is, in my mind at least, almost always a mixed bag. Many of the thoughts he expressed [...]

Ed Yong - Suicidal Wasps, Zombie Roaches & Other Parasite TalesBy its very nature, philosophy is an iconoclastic discipline, dedicated to questioning and dissectin [...]

Lawrence Lessig - We the People, and the Republic We Must ReclaimThe grand Enlightenment experiment in political self-rule and representative democracy that the Unit [...]

Diotima's Ladder - From Lust to MoralityJust about everyone has some idea about what platonic love is: a spiritual form of love in which wha [...]

Dropping a Bowling Ball and a Feather Inside a Vacuum ChamberOne of the ways in which Galileo revolutionized the world of physics was by challenging the Aristote [...]

Steven Pinker - Linguistics as a Window to Understand the BrainOne of the things I first enjoyed when I was introduced to philosophy was its recursive nature: we c [...]

In ancient Greece, when visitors went to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the very first thing they e [...]

Beyond Freakonomics: Musings on the Economics of Everyday LifeFor most of its history, economics has been an esoteric discipline concerned with abstract concepts [...]

Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies!With unprecedented access to the vast accumulation of knowledge of the world at our fingertips, it i [...]

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The subtlety of this perception is only matched by its richness. I love this image. It's a wond [...]

As testament to the excitement generated by the our online auction, we have a bidder who won an item [...]

There will only be justice in America, says Jan Willis, when we see all people as our equals. She of [...]

As A. Jesse Jiryu Davis meditates on the anniversary of the Buddha's enlightenment, he finds a [...]

Honesty. Insight. Outside-the-box thinking. Today’s great comedians may not know much about Buddhism [...]

On Sunday, January 25th, Ryushin Sensei stepped down as abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery after it bec [...]

Burmese monk Wirathu made worldwide headlines earlier this week for a disparaging comment he'd [...]

Not knowing the future helps Pico Iyer keep his hyperactive mind at bay. Then, whether it snows tomo [...]

On January 14th, Students for a Free Tibet launched the #TibetFlagChallenge. The post Students for a [...]

Starting January 27, An Olive Branch will host a free series of webinars, titled “Ethics in American [...]

(NaturalNews) The surest sign of a medical dictatorship is an aggressively enforced blockade against [...]

(NaturalNews) While known for being a great source of vitamin C, a new study involving sweet potatoe [...]

(NaturalNews) Corporate-run media likes to make government bureaucrats appear divided, color-coded r [...]

(NaturalNews) In the digital age, when governments including ours are increasingly concerned about w [...]

(NaturalNews) The internet did a collective LOL last Thursday when Tom Brady, quarterback for the Ne [...]

(NaturalNews) For years we have been told that getting cold has nothing to do with catching a cold. [...]

(NaturalNews) It started with chemicals like Agent Orange. When modern man bought into the idea of c [...]

(NaturalNews) Americans paid more for meat, poultry, fish and eggs this past Christmas than at any o [...]

(NaturalNews) Would it surprise you to know that a stress-free way of life is not only possible, but [...]

(NaturalNews) Are U.S. prison systems really little more than institutions that foment and perpetuat [...]

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Mars is often referred to as the Red Planet. But its signature color is only skin-deep – or, I shoul [...]

At dawn this morning (Jan. 31) NASA launched an advanced Earth science satellite aimed at making mea [...]

New video of 2004 BL86 and its moon Newly processed images of asteroid 2004 BL86 made during its bru [...]

For decades, scientists have debated the cause of the mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs a [...]

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Guests: Ramin Skibba (@raminskibba) Dave Dickinson (@astroguyz / www.astr [...]

In the past four decades, NASA and other space agencies from around the world have accomplished some [...]

There’s darkness out there in the cold corners of the solar system. And we’re not talking about a Lo [...]

At first glance, you wouldn’t think Hawaii has any connection at all with asteroid 2004 BL86, the on [...]

Yesterday, we posted an image taken by the HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) of [...]

How would our horizon look if Earth orbited around another star, such as Alfa-Centauri, Sirius, or P [...]

20 Illuminating, Enlightening, Day-Brightening Facts About LightThursday Jan 08, 2015 In celebration [...]

A simpler way to understand ultra-hot chaos Wednesday Jan 07, 2015 Perimeter researcher Michal P. He [...]

Time Comes First: Cortês and Smolin Win Cosmology PrizeTuesday Jan 06, 2015 Perimeter Faculty member [...]

Defining Gravity, Defying GravityTuesday Dec 02, 2014 For Perimeter postdoc David “Doddy” Marsh, ska [...]

New tools for teachersMonday Dec 01, 2014 The latest teaching kit from Perimeter helps turn househol [...]

Prestigious Polanyi Prize goes to PI Visiting FellowWednesday Nov 12, 2014 Visiting Fellow Eduardo M [...]

Schuster and Toro Awarded New Horizons PrizeTuesday Nov 11, 2014 Perimeter Faculty members Natalia T [...]

19 Awesome Things about Carl SaganThursday Nov 06, 2014 To commemorate what would have been Carl Sag [...]

Tensor Networks Initiative to Boost Promising ApproachThursday Oct 30, 2014 Perimeter Institute anno [...]

The Last Gasp of a Black HoleFriday Oct 17, 2014 New research from Perimeter shows that two of the s [...]

Meteorite may represent 'bulk background' of Mars' battered crustNWA 7034, a meteorite found a few years ago in the Moroccan desert, is like no other rock ever found [...]

Heat waves becoming more prominent in urban areas, research revealsThe world's urban areas have experienced significant increases in heat waves over the past 40 y [...]

Why do zebras have stripes? Temperature countsOne of nature's fascinating questions is how zebras got their stripes. A team of life scientist [...]

Crystal light: New family of light-converting materials points to cheaper, more efficient solar power and LEDsEngineers have shone new light on an emerging family of solar-absorbing materials that could clear t [...]

Privacy challenges: Just four vague pieces of info can identify you, and your credit cardJust four fairly vague pieces of information -- the dates and locations of four purchases -- are eno [...]

New technique for growing high-efficiency perovskite solar cellsResearchers have revealed a new solution-based hot-casting technique that allows growth of highly ef [...]

Where did the missing oil go? New study says some is sitting on the Gulf floorSome 6 million to 10 million gallons of oil from the BP oil spill are buried in the sediment on the [...]

CAT scan of nearby supernova remnant reveals frothy interiorCassiopeia A, or Cas A for short, is one of the most well studied supernova remnants in our galaxy. [...]

Global warming won't mean more storms: Big storms to get bigger, small storms to shrink, experts predictAtmospheric physicists predict that global warming will not lead to an overall increasingly stormy a [...]

Baleen whales hear through their bonesUnderstanding how baleen whales hear has posed a great mystery to marine mammal researchers. Biologi [...]

Yes, it was too good to be true. The cosmic "discovery of the century" last March has offi [...]

Some of the prettiest nighttime sights involve the close pairing of two solar-system bodies, and Feb [...]

The new Comet Lovejoy, C/2014 Q2, should brighten from 5th to 4th magnitude from late December throu [...]

Citizen scientists are exploring exoplanets’ birthplaces, classifying more than 1 million infrared s [...]

Some daily astronomical sights among the Moon, planets, stars and constellations.The post This week’ [...]

Astronomers have potentially confirmed a five-planet exoplanet system around an 11-billion-year-old [...]

The post Asteroid 2004 BL86 passing Beehive Cluster appeared first on Sky & Telescope. [...]

The post The Gemini Constellation beyond my balconyon the urban area! appeared first on Sky & Te [...]

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